Digital Marketing Activities during the Coronavirus crisis

Digital Marketing should be a major investment for any business. Investment can be in any form – funds, time, skillset. Just like most of the other marketing activities, digital marketing also takes time to show results. The more consistent you are, the better is the marketing result. The main reason why most businesses fail is they do not wait until the results show-up. When we ask our clients the reason for not being consistent, they say they do not have TIME. I know it is the most awkward answer but to all these people here is your time. Make use of this Coronavirus quarantine period to grow and develop your business.

In this blog, I will explain a few of the digital marketing activities which will take time to show the result and that is the reason why this quarantine is the best time.


Designing and building a normal website takes at least one month. We can design and develop an informative website even in 15 days but small corrections, updations and improvements will take 15 more days. Corona Quarantine is the best time because even you will have enough time to review it and make the process faster.



All your audiences are lazily using their phone the entire day. The only thing they do is scroll through all the social media platforms. Make use of this opportunity and showcase them your content on every platform. According to research, a person will remember a brand only if he sees it 7 times. Here is your opportunity, make sure they see your brand name 7 times every day. DO NOT RUN ADS INITIALLY. People will not TRUST you if your profile is not built. Build your profile and reach your audience organically during this COVID19 quarantine period. You can run ads in the latter days. 


Be it B2C or B2B, email marketing is the best and inexpensive way to connect to your audience. Right now you cannot send any messages to make your sales but make sure you send some safety measures from Coronavirus kind of messages. Your audience will think that you do care for them.


There are many other services you might want to concentrate on, but these are the few digital marketing activities you should concentrate on during this COVID19 period.

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