Why is NOW the best time to boost your business presence online?

A sudden spike in social media consumption

People are stuck in their home the entire day. The only legit source of entertainment or recreation is social media. According to a survey by Business Today, social media channels saw a rise of 87% in its usage. 

Taking this into consideration, all your audiences are scrolling through the feeds the entire day. If not this, then when is the right time to reach them?

Interactive Audience

People are not just scrolling through the feed their engagement rate is never like before. People have started showing an active interest in all of the challenges, pranks, reposts, shares, likes and comments as well. All thanks to the leisure time.


Before lockdown to reach all of our followers we had to post as regularly. Each post would not even reach 50% of our followers. The reason was people did not spend a lot of time on the social media platforms. But now people are not just using social media, but they are also using it the entire day. Audiences are seeing each post by all of their followers. 

Quality leads

Not all of our audiences were using social media effectively before. Now due to increased leisure time, the number of audiences using social media accounts have increased exponentially. People have started showcasing their interests on social media platforms, which means the accuracy of the targetting has increased. 

Futuristic Approach

Indeed your business won’t get any sales right now unless your business is from a medical or an essential goods industry. But all the above steps will help you in brand awareness, which otherwise would have taken a heck lot of time. 

If you follow the above steps, it is for sure that you will get a large number of customers once everything comes to normal.

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