How to digitally market your business during the lockdown?

The COVID-19 is not only a threat to business owners and employees, but it is also a threat to the entire economy. The economy of almost every country has shrunk. But, it is possible to digitally market your business during the lockdown.

The governments are taking precautionary measures to stop or prevent the spread of this virus. This means the businesses are working remotely or have paused their projects.

During this period the businesses should make sure to grow their brand identity or in the extreme cases at least retain it. This is when your PR will come into play. You have to assure your clients that this pandemic will not completely throw them off rails.

In this blog, I will explain how you can digitally market your business during this lockdown period.

  1. Website Design and Development: Website gives you a brand identity to stand-out. Do you have a website? Do let me know along with the reasons in the comments below. If you do not have one, it is the right time to make one. A website developer will require a lot of inputs regarding the design, interface and content from you. Since you are at home all day this is the best time. It doesn’t matter you make a lot of money from a website or not, but you do get a lot of visibility and audience once the SEO is done onto your website.
  2. SEO(Search Engine Optimization): What is the use of creating a website, if it is not shown on the first page of Googe? No use. 98% of the traffic goes to the results displayed on the first place of Google. SEO will help you achieve this within a couple of months for competitive keywords. SEO, of course, is a tedious job. But if implemented in the right manner, it could create miracles.    
  3. SMM(Social Media Marketing): SEO(Search Engine Optimization) takes time, so what do you do to get faster results? Social Media Marketing is a good way to get immediate results. Even though there is no way you would get results at this time, I would highly recommend you to start with social media because of brand awareness. People are stuck to their phone the entire day, you will never get better reach than this.        
  4. Podcasts: The voice search is increasing day by day. In the near future Google Home, Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant are going to dominate the search results. It’s better to start early than to regret later. Just start with the podcasts. Even one podcast per month will highly benefit your business in the future.
  5. Videos: Until date, videos have the highest reach and engagement than any other type of posts. Just start by making short selfie videos and upload it on all the platforms, including YouTube.

If you can give time to at least a few of the points above, you can digitally market your business during the lockdown and get ahead of the competition once the things get back to normal.

If you have any points to add on, do tell us in the comments below. 

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