Top 10 ways to increase organic likes on Facebook in 2020

What are organic likes?

Organic likes are the likes obtained without spending any money.

Due to a large number of users and millions of posts, Facebook has reduced the organic reach. Why??? The reason is simple, you are just one among many pages your audience follow.

Here are a few things to follow to increase your organic likes.

Invite friends

Inviting friends is the first thing any page owner should do once the page set-up and page optimization are done. It is only by this method that your friends, family members, colleagues and all of your Facebook friends will get to know that you have created a page. You can create a post from your feed asking them to follow your page, but what I would recommend is to invite them separately, because it is more personalised. More the personalisation, better is the result.

Types of posts

You should not only post images but also make use of videos, stories, gifs, polls and all the other types of posts available on the Facebook platform.

Post quality

I have often heard people saying the quality of the post is not important and that the quality of content is important. I do not completely agree with them, as long as the quality is not good people do not take time to read, watch or listen to your content.

Optimal posting time

From the Facebook analytics, one can get to know the time when most of their followers are active, to reach more people do post only during this time.

Facebook and LinkedIn groups

Facebook and LinkedIn groups are the best places to find an audience for “ANY” niche. Make sure to provide valuable content on the groups and people don’t mind following you if your posts are relevant to them. 


Research is the key to get better results using hashtags. Spend time, do your research and note down the hashtags that might work the best for you. Make sure to keep updating the hashtags list in accordance with the content of the post.

Frequency of posting 

I get this question quite often, “How many posts should you do per day?”. The answer is simple, do as many posts as possible minimum being 5. Facebook algorithm is designed in such a way that all of your posts will not be shown to all your followers. Few posts will be shown to a few followers and another set of posts will be shown to other followers. Your motto should be to at least reach out to all of your followers. 


Collaboration can create wonders. Initially, you need not collaborate with the big fishes in the market. Collaborate with pages which are at your level, exchange shoutouts, the results you get by this may not be amazing but it is better than none. Collaboration can also be done with your friends, family, colleagues. Just ask them to post a story describing your business in short and provide your Facebook page link to it. Once you grow can even think of collaborating with the market giants and influencers.

Trending posts

Make the maximum use of the posts that are trending. It will not only help you reach more people but will also help you stand out from the crowd even if the idea is copied. In recent days it is a trend to follow the trend. Moreover, it reduces your work of designing a new post and the content for it.


Possibly get your account verified on Facebook. It not only builds trust but also increases your engagement because people like to interact with the accounts that are verified. The blue tick ensures that you are standing out and above the crowd.

These are the top organic ways to increase organic visibility on Facebook in 2020.  


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