Things to keep in mind while writing content.

What is Content?

Anything that gives information about our Business is called Content. It may be in the form of Blogs, Reviews, Testimonials, Images, Video, Text, Gifs, Audios, Case Studies, E-books, Infographics, Articles and many more. Thus, we can say that Marketing or Selling is all about Content.

So now what is Content Marketing?

It is a strategic approach where we create relevant and attractive content to attract and retain our target audience so that we can drive profitable customer action.

Who should use Content Marketing?

Starting from a billion-dollar company to one person store each and everyone should use.


“Because it Works.”

How to generate content ideas?

There are several ways online wherein you can go about and generate ideas. 

The top websites to generate ideas according to me are

  1. SEM Rush Tool Kit
  2. Google Trends
  3. Buzzsumo (The best one)
  4. Analyze your Competitors 

How should the content look like?

Do not always sell your product or service, also give some useful and relevant information to the customers which makes them feel that you are providing some value to them. 

Be consistent in providing values to the customers, it is only in this way you can maintain a good association with your customers. By this, you can make sure that the people remember your brand. 

TIP: Content should be in the form of a story. This is because people tend to listen to stories than any other information. Also according to research people remember stories for a very long time. Thus it is said content writing is the art of storytelling.

What should be your Goal in Content Marketing?

In the case of New Visitors:

In this case, the visitors must be first converted into the prospects. The prospects are further converted into your paid customers.

Instead of directly showcasing your product or service, provide relevant and useful content to the visitors to solve their problem. 

In the case of Returning Visitors:

Here make sure you are providing value regularly so that the customers do not forget about your brand. Ask for their feedback, suggestions, testimonials, etc and post it on your platforms. Send newsletter and also discounts, offers, coupon codes. Do not spam your audience.

It is suggested to maintain a calendar for content marketing.

Golden Circle or Bulls Eye

Things to be noted while promoting a business


Why are you offering the product or service?


How is it going to benefit your audience?


What is that you have to offer?


The audit is a method to check whether or not the content 

  1. is following SEO
  2. has at least considerable engagement 
  3. is fit to be displayed on the first page of SERP.

Few more suggestions:

People do not read ads, they read what interests them and sometimes it’s ads. So make sure you keep all your ads are as attractive as possible.

Always republish the posts which have gained a lot of engagement on different platforms as well.

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