How to Become a YouTube Influencer in one month?

Youtube is not just a video platform-it is a community of worldwide fans. Youtube is a social network where fans comment and the creators interact with the community. The main motto of a YouTube Influencer is to provide value to the audience.

4 Steps that can make you a Star YouYube Influencer

  1. Create a channel: This is the first step to your success. In this step just make sure you create a channel and set up the initial things such as the channel name and also the basic privacy settings so that you need not think about it in the future. How to name a channel will be explained in further steps.
  2.  Be Found: Make a list of how your videos will be discovered on youtube. Successful YouTubers often go about by finding the right audience and by adding customizations. Customisations include thumbnails, clickable title, metadata which can help audience search for you and your videos.
  3. Keep the audience busy: Once your audience starts loving your content, you will have to encourage them to come back for more. This can be achieved by consistently uploading videos and providing value to them. Creating a playlist is also an option.
  4. Engage: Once you follow the above three steps ask your family, friends(online and offline) and also your audience for the feedback. With the feedback, you will also get an idea about what type of content to post. Engaging with your audience is one of the best methods to build a loyal fanbase.


  • Define your mission and audience.
  • Be authentic.
  • Brainstorm ideas.
  • Consider your audience.
  • Set goals.
  • Plan for the goal and put it on the paper.
  • Plan your next steps.
  • Do not forget to engage with the audience as often as possible.
  • Always provide quality and original contents.
  • Catchy titles attract viewers.
  • Keep an eye on analytics.
  • Do not always try to sell. Follow the 80/20 rule wherein 80% of the times you provide some value to your audience and 20% of the times you promote your product or service.


When you make a video think whether your video is appropriate for YouTube.

When you upload the video to YouTube viewers can flag it as inappropriate.

As a consequence, the video may be removed from YouTube if it violates the community guidelines.

If you are sure it doesn’t violate the terms and conditions then you can strike an appeal.

You can at any time request for suspending or terminating your account.

With all the above information you can become a YouTube Influencer 30 days.

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