Love writing? Here is the road map to becoming a content writer!

If you are a person who writes journals, reads blogs and novels – kudos to you! You are a potential writer. 

Writing as a job is most satisfying as it includes expressing one’s views and thoughts on topics. However, if you want to earn quickly by writing, you are supposed to know the basics of marketing and how to write so that people want to read. So here is a short guide for you to become a content writer.

What is Content Writing? 

It is a process of expressing one’s ideas and thoughts on a specific topic. Content writing is not just limited to writing articles on any given topic, rather it includes more stuff like technical writing and copywriting.

It includes :

  • Video scripts
  • Podcasts script
  • Social media posts
  • White papers
  • Keynote speeches
  • Landing pages
  • Email newsletters

Writing is the foundation of literally everything. 

 Business Content Writing

Do you want to increase your brand value or simply want to take your business to heights? What if I tell you that this all can be done just by reading this article and executing the steps? Yes, you can do that. 

Whether you want to increase your sales or just creating awareness about your brand, content writing has proven to be a boon for getting more number of clients.

Moreover just writing down some explanation or facts is not enough, you should do it in such a way that it grabs the attention of the clients by which they buy your product or whatever you are selling.

And by this here comes ‘Copywriting’ which is mostly all about the art of persuasion. 

As a legend, David Ogilvy said, “ I don’t regard advertising as entertainment or an art form but as a medium of information. When I write an advertisement I don’t want you to tell me that you find it creative. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.”

Earlier copywriting mediums included printed ads, radio ads, tv ads etc. But with time, a lot of things have changed. With the advent of the internet and social media, marketing has changed dramatically, and with it, the mediums used to engage customers and sell products.   

So here are the best content writing tips :

1. Know the audience

Do you want people to read the content on your business’s website? Start writing for them. We humans need to be understood so make your readers feel the same about your content. When readers think that you know and understand them, then that would be bringing more audience.

2. Evaluate your content

Once you have known your audience, it is very important to sit back and analyze your content. Make sure that the content is not monotonous and keeps the interest of the audience.

3. Becoming a voice of authority

People tend to trust experts. So if you are writing a specific topic, write as if you are the expert. Own the spotlight to make sure that your product outgrows your competitors.

4. Art of writing headlines

So what’s the first thing you notice before reading a blog? Yes, it’s the title. The concept of writing an attention-grabbing title is theoretically known to almost every content writer yet the audience clicks on only a few lines which prove that the importance of it so underrated. 

It is reported that around 80 per cent of the audience read nothing but a headline title while only 20 per cent read the content.

5. Start your blog

So many digital marketing experts have said that the best decisions in their life were to start their blog. Writing your blogs can give you an edge in brushing up your grammar skills and writing skills. 

You can set up a free blog on 

6. Execute an amazing SEO strategy

It’s a literal gift that one can just apply some SEO strategies and advertise your business everywhere without even spending money. The first step is to choose the appropriate keywords. Knowing what your audience searches the most will help you easily decide and work on the keywords and gain more audience. 


No one starts as an expert writer but taking the initial steps is what takes you ahead in the journey. As they say that something is far better than nothing, start doing something with your passion today and reach new heights.

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