Here are 5 essential rules before you start blogging in 2020.

What is a Blog? 

      As people use social media platforms daily, the world has used various websites, sources where they can interact with the audience and promote their brand or write about their lives creatively. A blog is a term known by many and used by hundreds of proficient people who create blogs. In 1994, blogs were more of a personal journal that was shared online by a few. They wrote about their regular life but made it quite interesting which thousands of people started reading. Later, hundreds of people realized they can form something more; Thus began blogging. 

    A blog mainly focuses on written content. Blogging has inspired and influenced many people in composing their careers as a blogger. Keep scrolling to have detailed information on blogs, blogging, and being a blogger. 

How to start a blog on your own?

     Are you a beginner? Well, we have got you covered. There are some basic ways to create a blog. It’s easy to understand when you know where to begin. 

  Choose a website for your blog posts. 

       When you are choosing a blogsite to display your blogs, analyze the right audience. Through various research, is leading in today’s blog world. WordPress is easily accessible and is for free. It has high-quality code and semantic markup. If you want to build a website on WordPress, we recommend you to go with a credible hosting. Read next to know the correct way for your blog to be recognized.

Create web-hosting and a domain name of your own.

 As we create a website, we have the next step. While starting a blog, choose a self-hosting and a custom domain. Are you still confused with a self-hosted blog? You can come up with a domain name and choose a hosting company that can host your blog. 

Domain: The domain is essentially the URL of your website. is one example ( is the domain). The domain name will be the name that’s how you will be recognized online, no matter what niche you choose. 

Hosting: Hosting is essentially the corporate that puts your website equal to the web so everyone can notice it. 

Always have an eye-catching title and photo. 

     The other reason for people to read your blog differs on how organized and maintained the blog is. Finding a unique title can help you attract readers. Let the readers know how open, honest, and passionate blogger you are. The title you create will surely help in growing you as a blogger. To give a more creative look towards the blogs, find out the impressive designs, templates; is considered one of the best sources for your photoblogs. also lets you customize templates on your own. The results for this website are brilliant, should be tried unquestionably.

Always write fresh blog posts.

  While writing content for a blog, the perfect words should be engaged. The blog theme should be neutral, that helps a blog look simple. First, introduce what your blog will be. Understand the audience, identify the keywords, and write your blog post. If you follow these steps in the first blog, we assure it’s a great help. Let’s jump to the dominant idea, blogging. 

What is Blogging? 

      Blogging may be a compilation of skills that one must run and handle a blog. Blogging entails equipping an internet page with tools to form the method of writing, posting, linking, and sharing content a lot easier. The recognition of blogging grows with each passing day. Earlier, blogs became mainstream as news started using them as a source for outreach and forming. Today blogging has reached a different level of appreciation. Through blogging, we can also notice brands. The more people visit blogs, the more publicity a blog and brand get. It also helps people to see the potential and hard work put through. 

Who are bloggers, steps to become a successful blogger? 

    In today’s generation, bloggers became famous because of various reasons. Blogging has become an alternate or side gig for several, as they explore other fields in their career; seeing these people are choosing to hitch the blogging ranks, this will surely help you turn into a blogger too, here are easy steps to become a blogger; 

  1. Brainstorm and research creative ideas.
  2. Collaborate with various people it helps to promote blogs.
  3. Create content that helps the audience understand. 
  4. Tag influencer’s who inspire your posts on social media platforms. 
  5. Be confident in what you invent. 

These steps will surely help you start something on your own. 

Simple ways to earn money as a Blogger

   Few simple ways, a blogger can earn money through blogs and social media posts. 

  1. Direct Advertising
  2. Selling Digital Products. 
  3. Paid Reviews (The feedbacks can help improve the skills)
  4. Sponsored posts (This is the best source in today’s digital world)
  5. Paid workshops of the creativity displayed on the blog for the audience (The chances for this to work are 50%)


     As the Blogging business is flourishing, we all should give this a try as it helps us in creating our name in this digital marketing world. Blogging can confuse at the start, but if you follow the right protocol with the right mind, the trophy is yours. If you just started blogging, these pointers will surely help you grow a sturdy base.

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  1. Nick Stamoulis

    Every business should have a blog because it can benefit the brand in a lot of ways, such as bringing in more traffic from the search engines and helping people engage more on your social media. However, it isn’t enough to simply “have” it. The blog needs to be consistently updated to make an impact.

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