Chatbots – Everything you need to know about

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What are chatbots?

Chatbots are AI-based personalities who can interact with the users.

Interaction can be achieved in 4 ways:

  • Voice: Customer care section of big companies will integrate this. They will prompt you to click the keypad digits.
  • Natural language text: These will breakdown what you have typed and respond accordingly.
  • Buttons: These will provide you with different options. 
  • One-way: These bots will not allow users to interact back with them. Hence the name one-way.

In this blog, we are going to mainly focus on the Messenger and the WhatsApp bots.

Why do we focus only on the messenger and the Whatsapp bots?

  • Reach: It is the place where your customers hang out. Almost all of the internet users have either Messenger or WhatsApp or both.
  • Ad integration: You can run Facebook ads on the Messenger platform. Sooner or later ads will be integrated on WhatsApp also.
  • Sell to users in their comfort zone: Sending messages to users outside the website is possible in these platforms. Also, people use WhatsApp and Messengers to chat with their close friends and family, and thus there are very low chances that your message is treated as spam. Whereas this is not the case in emails.

Both Messenger and WhatsApp are owned by Facebook. You will have a huge audience network because of its large number of users.

What can the chatbots do?

  • Chatbots can interact with the users and can replay in natural language with text or the buttons.
  • It can receive orders.
  • Chatbots can simply promote the business by providing a personalized or general coupon code.
  • It can save a lot of time of the owners by pre-saving the messages. For example, you can save some general messages such as opening hours, today’s special, etc.

Advantages of bots using an example

  • Gather Information: Bots can ask the user what is his favourite dish and will store the response.
  • Create multiple discounts: We can create discounts for different dishes. Thereby giving a discount to that particular dish selected by the user.
  • Notify: Bots can notify the user whenever the discount for the dish selected by the user has discounts.
  • Create Emotion: These kinds of promotions will encourage the users to make a conversion.
  • Reduces expenses: In case the chatbots were not available the business owners would have to hire people to perform the task of interacting with the users or customers.

How to build Chatbots?

Many people think that to build chatbots you need to know Datascience/Artificial Intelligence. Frankly speaking, yes you need to. But thanks to a few companies who have made chatbots building simpler. Companies like Mobile Monkey, Chatfuel, Many Chat have built software which is easy to use around the Messenger API. There are similar companies who have done it for WhatsApp as well.

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