What is Digital Presence and How to create it?

Digital presence or identity means to take your business online. So, when anyone searches for your Business online will get in touch with you. There are various platforms to make your digital identities like Website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google My Business, or any other social media platforms.

There are 56 crores internet users in India; it’s going to increase up to 80 crores by 2021-2022.

In the end, you will get an idea of how to create your digital presence so, don’t miss that part.

Who Needs Online or Digital Presence?

Every field in today’s world needs Online Presence to get in touch with their customers and makes it easy to generate sales.

Every person in the world who runs a business or wish to start a business needs a digital presence/identity.

If your business is not on the internet, then it is not a business.

-Bill Gates

 Why your Business needs an Online Presence?

 Benefits of Having a Digital Presence. (Any one)

Let us consider taking an example: –

Imagine if a person comes to a new city for living and being unaware it becomes difficult to trust anyone from that city. So, he wishes to buy new shoes, instead of going anywhere and asking, he directly searches on the internet and found the best shoe store. He got the results of some XYZ shop, seeing the reviews of the shop and being satisfied, he ends up buying shoes from the XYZ shop.

In this way, a digital presence helps your brand and your customer as well; it creates a win-win situation for both of them.

You can show your products and services easily. 

It makes your customer clear that what you do and about the types of products you have and make them see if the product they are looking for is available or not. 

  • Track your ads Campaign, with the help of analytics. 

Checking the traffic and conversions of your website becomes easy with the help of Google Analytics. 

  • Cheap, Easy, and Affordable. 

Affordable for small brands and businesses, it becomes easy to create your brand and market through online advertising. 

  • Your operation runs 24*7.  

There is no fixed timing that you have to work as it reduces the cost of your employees. 

  • Get customer feedback. 

You can ask for reviews on your website or Google My Business Page. 

  • Getting Ahead of Competition 

Making your digital presence has the advantage of reaching a larger audience and keeps you updated; marketing becomes easy through digital marketing.

How to Create your Digital Presence?

It’s easy to create your Digital Presence in 2020, anyone can do it, but in some places, you will require a Digital marketing agency Or Digital Marketer.

Here is a list of how you can create your Digital presence or online identity.

  1. Make a website for yourself.

You can create your website using WordPress, Wix, or Square spaces, etc. As WordPress is free for all, Ill highly recommend you use WordPress as 35% of sites in the world are made on WordPress. You should know how to use WordPress and handle it. Purchase domain and hosting from a trusted site. Never buy a cheap hosting as cheap hosting increases your site loading time. Write blogs/articles for your website and do SEO. If you don’t want to go in the technical part or don’t know how to use WordPress, hiring a professional digital marketer or Agency is highly recommended.

  1. Build a Social media Profile.

Create a Facebook and Instagram business page; after creating pages start creating beautiful posts and add pictures of your products/services. Use Canva for creating graphic posts, logos.

Engage with your audience and reply to them about the benefits after taking your products/services. Run ads if possible; you will start getting a response when people click on the ads. Build your Social media brand and promote your products.

  • Register your Business on Google My Business.

Register on Google my Business add your complete details, show your proper location, add a working contact number, also add a website link. Google also provides a feature to make your site on google sites. Ask your potential clients to leave reviews and feedback on what to be improved. Google My Business works best for a local shop in your area.

  • Start your YouTube Channel.

YouTube helps you in creating your brand, start making videos related to your niche, build an audience tell them about your business. Promote the products you use by giving an affiliated link.

These were the ways to make your Digital Presence in this pandemic situation; after the pandemic goes away the small enterprises on digital will grow exponentially.

In this Era, digital presence is the need for upcoming businesses; digital marketing will fill the gap of joining the customers and organization.

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