The Ultimate Guide for Video Marketing in 2020

What is video marketing?

Currently, almost all marketing companies are using video marketing to promote their respective brands.

Video marketing means to make videos to promote your brand. A strong marketing campaign includes video into the mix customer testimonials, videos from live events, how-to videos, explainer videos, corporate training videos and the list goes on.

Why is video marketing crucial today?

A gold mine for SEO

Videos can help you to increase your search engine ranking, click-through rates, and conversions. As YouTube is the second most used search engine which is owned by Google, it will automatically work wonders for your SEO provided that you must know and work for your targeted audience.

To boost the conversion rates

A study tells that over 60 per cent of online customers were more likely to buy the product by seeing it’s video than its advertisement on Google.

Easy Accessibility

The traditional methods like paper marketing are limited and are not used by a majority of people. However, with unlimited platforms for making videos, almost everyone with a smartphone can access the videos anywhere anytime. So you can reach up to your audience in a cost-effective way.

High Efficiency

Research tells that humans tend to remember more what they see than what they hear or read. So video making is highly effective to leave a footprint in the customer’s mind.

Videos are emotional

Videos directly appeal to the emotional centric brain through music and visuals. And what is more Amazing than convincing your customer emotionally?

There are 5 types of Marketing Videos:

Before starting filming a video straight, you first need to decide the type of video(s) you want to make. Here is a list.

1. Trial videos

Trial videos show how your product works whether that’s unboxing your product or taking the audience on a tour to show how your product works.

2. Videos on events

Is your company conducting an event or a survey? Make reels or release short interviews to show the events that happen in your company.

3. How-To Videos

Instructional Videos can be used to teach your audience something new or help them in building the foundational knowledge that they need to understand your business better.

4. Animated Videos

Animated videos hold the interest of the customer and help the customer to retain what you’re trying to say about your business.

5. Virtual reality videos

In virtual reality videos, viewers scroll to see every angle as if they were physically there at that location.

How to use video marketing for your business?

Video marketing requires a lot of patience and hard work so grab your camera and read the following.

Plan the video

Everything that we see today, every product that we use today was first created in the mind of someone, was and first planned in the mind of someone. The same should go with your video making. You should plan your video accordingly as to with which kind of audience you are making the video.

Write a script

Now on this path, you’re probably thinking that why do I need to make a script I’m not creating video for entertainment I am not creating a movie but trust me creating a video creating a script for video takes you ahead of your competitors.

Most businesses need a script, if you skip this step you will find yourself editing more than you need to, releasing with you longer than it should be, and probably losing your audience on the way. Start writing your script the way you should you would Begin a blog post within a list outline out the key points and order them logically.

Set up your studio

Now you’re probably thinking that wait I’ve just started my business and I’ve done more than enough investments already, why do I need to set up a studio why not do that from my room? Well, you’re right at some point but you must not ignore the fact that investments are what you are aiming for. There’s already a huge competition in this industry so you should think wisely and spend wisely. So here is a short guide of things by following which you can create your studio for minimum prices.

Basic equipment for setting a studio


You should always shoot using a tripod. Tripods will ensure that your video looks professional and not like a Snapchat story.

 Along with the tripod, stock up on camera batteries and SD cards. Recording video will cause you to run through both much quicker than taking photos.

Audio and lighting equipment

If you are relying on your camera’s microphone then please don’t. The range of their microphones is limited and your voice will break once you keep it at a certain distance.

When you are shooting with your iPhone there are a ton of microphone options that are all easy to use.

Talking about lighting equipment you’ll need light stands, which are available at any online shopping website.

Set up a three-point lighting setup and you are good to go to record your video.

4. Organizing the footage.

Now, this is a little boring I know. But while video editing you might relax a bit if you organize your footage properly. Organize it by saving it on a specific space.

5. Editing

So congrats, you’ve filmed your footage and are halfway there to upload it. If you’re a beginner then you can use various apps for visor editing.

If you don’t want that, use iMovie which is Apple’s video editing software.

Hosting platforms for uploading your videos:

1. YouTube

YouTube is the most used online platform for video marketing. It’s easily accessible by everyone and is owned by Google too, which increases your chance to get more audience.

2. Vidyard 

Vidyard is a video hosting platform but specifically for businesses. The way that it differs from YouTube is that it allows you to fully video-enabled business.


To set up your business, you must push yourself and grab every opportunity that comes in your way. Video Marketing is one such opportunity that has massively changed in recent years with the entry of multiple sources. So grab your camera and reach heights.

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