How to get more followers to your LinkedIn page organically in 2020?

LinkedIn has the most organic reach when compared to any of the other social media platforms. The reason is that there is very less number of pages when compared to other platforms.

In this blog, I’m going to tell you the best ways to increase followers to your business page. I have a secret technique at the end of the blog, do make sure you read till the end.

Invite connections(LinkedIn feature)

This is the new feature which LinkedIn launched this year. 

How to invite connections?

Go to admin panel –>Click on admin tools –> Select invite connections.

Inviting your connections is limited to 25 at a time. The more and faster your connections accept the request, the more you can invite. Make the maximum use of this feature.

Facebook and LinkedIn groups

The groups on Facebook and LinkedIn will allow you to post links. Join all the groups of your niche and engage with the audience of those groups. Once you provide some value to the audience of the groups ask them to follow your page for more or use some funnel techniques to get more follows. I will write a blog on how to master this technique.


Even though the reach through this is limited, proper research and implementation will help you reach a lot of audiences. Make sure you keep on changing your hashtags, keeping a few constant ones. Your brand name should be your all-time hashtag.

LinkedIn Personal Profile

Follow the motto “Give Give Give and Ask”. Provide valuable content to your audience. Before this, you need to have a legit connection base. Engage in almost all the posts and make sure you reply to each comment, each message you receive. More the engagement, better is the trust built.

Using the LinkedIn follow button on the Website

LinkedIn has a feature where one can follow a page directly from the website. Get the badge or the follow button from the LinkedIn developers and apply the code to your website. By this, you can make sure to convert a few visitors as your followers.