How to Choose a Perfect name for your Business?

Choosing the right name for your business would be one of the most difficult and initial steps. A correct Business name should be legit, small, easy to pronounce, catchy, and easy to remember.

In this blog, I have explained a few things which you should remember before you name your business.

How to Choose a Perfect name for your Business in 6 steps.

The name should be descriptive. Your business name should not be too short or too descriptive. Use characters “between three and 15” and, the word limit should not exceed more than 3. Having too long names or too short name people tends to forget easily.

For example: –

If you are looking for digital marketing services which one you will choose “digital marketing” or “web”. You will go to, “web” because this name sounds interesting, not too descriptive, and easy to pronounce. Keep brainstorming 10-15 names and then choose the name that follows all the steps given below.

If you are still not getting how to choose a name for your business search for a business name generator online.

You can use:

  • Shopify Business name generator
  • Oberlo Business name generator
  • FREE AI-powered business name generator
  1. It should be Simple.

Try to make your business name simple, legit, easy to pronounce and remember. Don’t choose names that are too hard to spell or type. Use a name that has meaning or synonyms that positions your brand indirectly.

You can use the thesaurus website to check the meanings of names in different languages to get a clear idea of naming your business.

Try Unique Names.

Avoid using similar brand names as it makes you lose your own identity. Try to use names related to your product/services creatively and make a few changes. Having creative names makes you stand out from the crowd.

For example: –

Images Bazaar, this brand name suggests that they are the market of Images and will have all types of Images needed for websites, advertising, magazines, etc.

Trademark your Business Name.

Most businesses fail to trademark their name and result in losing their business. Trademarking your business name gives you an advantage that nobody else can take it, or you can file a lawsuit. Neglecting trademark would lead to your brand failure.

Check Domain Availability.

The most crucial thing the business owner neglects to check is domain availability. Digital Presence is necessary for every business to survive in 2020 as every business is going to digital. If! Your domain name is accessible purchase it soon as somebody else purchases it. The domain name should be the same as your business name and try to get the .com domain.

Domain: A domain is an online name for your business so, people can find you online. Everything which comes after “www.” is your domain name. 

For example: –,,, etc.

Choose a name that doesn’t limit your Business Growth.

Avoid using your name as a business name if you want to expand your business in some other country. If you plan to sell your business to someone in the future then avoid using names or surnames. You cannot use city names, place names for your business as it is against the laws.

For example: If you have a supermarket store in Kandivali, you cannot name your store as a Kandivali Supermarket store. Use names like Shikha Mart, etc.

Why the Name of Business is Important?

  • Easily Searchable

It makes it easy for your customers to find you.

  • Word of Mouth

It reduces your cost in marketing and advertising and generates more sales and revenue.

  • First Impression.
  • No Introduction needed

Your business name conveys the message, and it becomes for your consumers to recognize your business. A good brand always creates a great experience for their customers that makes a good relationship among them.


Choosing names could be stressful if you are new to the business, get your friend’s and family’s opinion, or could your potential customers. If you have selected your business name make sure you register your business by taking the help of a Chartered Accountant. Make a note of these steps and start brainstorming names for your business and you’re about to build your brand.

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